5 Ways to “Think” Yourself Into Closing More Sales

When your livelihood depends on your ability to close sales and the results simply aren’t there, sometimes a simple mindset reset can work wonders.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s easy to drift away from the selling truths that produce results and find yourself falling short of your sales targets.

In sales, keeping your mind focused on what’s important can mean the difference between struggling and thriving.

Today’s post might serve as a reminder about some of the selling truths we all stray from occasionally.

The good news is they’re easy to reset.

Check them out here.

5 Common Problems B2B Sales Reps Face And How To Solve Them

It’s every salesperson’s nightmare: the end of the month is fast approaching and the “numbers” aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

If you’ve gone through this harrowing experience (and I have!), it’s sometimes hard to identify exactly what got in the way.

Although there are many potential obstacles that could prevent you from closing the sales you need to make quota, the fault can usually be traced to a familiar lineup of culprits.

Today’s post is going to shine the spotlight on five common sales roadblocks and show you how you can get around them.

Read on to see this list of villains.