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Selling More Means Knowing Your Ideal Prospect - Invisible Selling

If you want to close more sales inquiries, it’s important to understand this – before you pick up the phone.

  • You’re not selling a product.
  • You’re not selling a service.
  • You’re not selling a solution.

You’re selling prospects a better version of themselves.

Once you start focusing on giving prospects what they want, youll see better sales results.

  • Your conversion rates increase.
  • People will share stories about you and their experiences with your solution.
  • Life gets easier.

For everyone.

If you’ve never thought of selling from this point of view, you may need to sit down and develop a clear understanding of who your ideal prospects are and what they want.

Your role as a salesperson is to show prospects how your product or service can transport them from where they are now to where theyd like to be.

How do you it?

By listening inon what they’re saying.

Let’s assume you have a picture of who you “think” your ideal customer is and what she wants.

THINKING you know is a good start but it isn’t enough if you want to turn sales inquiries into profitable sales.

You must KNOW.

Here’s how to tap into what your actual prospect wants so you KNOW how to give them what they want.

Find a way to listen to the actual words that come from people who have bought or are likely to buy the benefit your product or service offers.

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

Meet your new BFF – Amazon book reviews.

There’s a ton o’ gold sitting in Amazon book reviews that is yours for the taking.

Go to the Amazon site, select Books from the drop down and put in some key words that relate to the benefits offered by the product or service you sell.

Read through the reviews for those books and pull out interesting insights that reveal the objections, anxieties and pain points that customers – people who have actually spent money on what you’re selling – are experiencing.

Then, start to build them into your selling conversations.

Just for fun, spend a half hour today looking up books related to what you’re trying to sell. See how real people – customers – think and feel about your product or service.

That will help you convert more qualified prospects into profitable sales.

For more tips on how to read your prospect’s mind, click here.