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How To Boost Your Closing Rate - WITHOUT Working Harder! - Invisible Selling

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Does this ever happen to you?

You come into contact with a new prospect. You have a positive selling conversation. You KNOW you can help him solve his problem. And then, he says…

‘Okay. Sounds good. What’s your website?’

All selling roads lead to your website. Why? Because your prospect wants to check you out. He’s looking for reassurance – that you are likely to do what you say you can do.

As far as he’s concerned, your website is an online version of you – whether you like it or not.

And what your prospect finds when he gets there can either throw cold water on a potential sale cold or keep your selling process moving forward toward a close.

For example, let’s say that during your one-on-one discussion with your prospect you did a great job of assessing his needs, asking questions and essentially helping him understand you could help him solve his problem.

Then, he goes to your website EXPECTING more of the same. He expects the focus to continue to be on him – right where it should be.

If the messaging on your website doesn’t synch up with his expectations, you’re in trouble.

When I speak with salespeople and business owners, almost all of them talk about how important it is to attract new clients and customers.

And yet, many are steering sales right into the hands of their competitors because their web copy is focused on them – NOT their prospects.

Just like in a face-to-face selling situation, prospects dont care about your product or service UNTIL they understand how your offering will improve their lives.

For that, you need sales copy on your website. Copy that taps into your prospects’ emotions and helps them “see” how they will be better off if they have your offering.

And yet many companies treat their website as an online brochure.

Do yourself a huge favour right now.

This could INSTANTLY help you close more sales.

This little training exercise could have a HUGE impact in your efforts to close more sales.

Go look at the copy on your website. Or your landing pages. Or read some of the sales emails you’re sending out.

As you look through your copy, how often do you see the following words:


Now, do the same thing for these words:


If your messaging on your website is focused on YOU, it’s costing you sales.

You are literally steering profits into the waiting hands of your competitors. 

Here’s why…

Think about the last time you met someone – someone you didn’t know – and all he did was talk about himself from the minute he opened his mouth.

Bet you couldn’t get away fast enough. Right?

Thats EXACTLY how prospects feel when they read marketing copy thats all about you!

Countless studies show that people searching online for solutions to their problems – whether you’ve met them first or not – eventually buy from someone. 

When your web copy isn’t focused on the prospect and what HE wants, youre losing sales!

If your copy failed the “me/you” test, don’t worry.

The solution – one that can result in a huge difference to your ability to convert more qualified prospect into customers – is to flip the focus around.

Let your prospects see that you are interested in THEIR wants and needs – that you “get” them.

The way to do it is to model your sales copy after the way you conduct yourself in personal selling conversation.

Write copy that leaves them with the feeling that you truly understand their problem and can offer the perfect solution.

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