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Close More Sales By Giving Prospects What They Want - Invisible Selling

Knowing what your prospects want when they call you up and inquire about your product or service is the key to closing more sales.

But how do you do it? Especially if you aren’t a mind reader.

You could ask them outright what they want but some may be unwilling to reveal their true intentions – especially right in the beginning. Prospects like to hold their buying cards close to the vest.

A better approach is to understand today’s prospect and make sure you avoid short-circuiting the sales inquiry process right from the start.

Here are 4 insights regarding to today’s buyer that will help you develop -and maintain selling momentum – from the inquiry right on through to closing the sale.

Insight #1: Don’t bore your prospect with the basics.

Today’s prospects are far different animals than they were 20 years ago.

Back then, prospects had to rely on newspaper ads, brochures, and friends and colleagues for information about products and services.

Figuring out what to buy and who could be trusted was a tedious and time-consuming chore.

Then along came a phenomenon that changed the playing field – the internet.

Prospects who had been stumbling along in the dark, hunting for information, suddenly had access to volumes of it at the touch of a button.

Online content and social media make B2B buyers more educated about their options than ever before. And It isn’t only the business to business buyers who are more savvy, all buyers have upped their research game.

Today’s buyers doesn’t need to start at the beginning. Reviews, forums, competitive comparisons keep them well informed.

Insight #2: Prospects are skeptical.

Prospects have become very cynical, critical, and jaded. They’re battle-weary from being over-promised and disappointed.

Many prefer to do their research upfront online to interacting with a salesperson. Why? They want to avoid all of the amateur salespeople pushing sales agendas rather than helping them to solve their problem.

Know this: more than ever before, your prospect’s sales resistance sensors are set to high!

How can you use this understanding? Focus on building trust and credibility right from the get-go. The fastest way to do that is to adopt a “helping” attitude.

The more your prospect trusts you, the better your chances of a win-win sale.

Prospects aren’t interested in hearing a sales pitch. They want their problems solved. While your prospects can find boatloads of information online, that doesn’t mean they understand it or knows how to put it to use.

That’s where you come in. Your job is to connect the dots.

Insight #3: : Prospects use their networks.

Prospects are more connected than ever. They’re constantly checking with colleagues, professional networks, and social media followers.

According to a report put out by TOPO Sales Development Practice, three out of four B2B buyers rely on social media to engage with peers about buying decisions.

Here’s how you can use this understanding to help you close more sales: join the party. Let your prospects know that you’re there to help them make an informed buying decision.

Insight #4: Prospects want certainty.

They want to be confident. They don’t want to second guess.

Now, knowing that, provide your prospects with relevant information.

Continuously look for ways to make the lights go on for your prospect. Aim for true understanding. Constantly check to make sure your prospect “gets” what you’re telling him.

Providing relevant information will go a long way to increasing your prospects’ understanding.

Remember, your prospects are motivated to solve their problem or fulfill their needs – the sooner the better.

Keep leading them to your solution. Make it easy for them to say yes.

There’s a lot that goes into the process of leading a qualified prospects through your selling process so you can ultimately close the sales.

By letting today’s prospect know you understand his buying process has changed will get your relationship of to a smooth start.

So, how can you use this information to immediately impact your business?

Start with this: the next time you get a phone inquiry where the prospect says, ‘what do you do?’…be ready to answer the question he is REALLY asking.

He wants to know what makes you different from your competitors?

Forget all the stuff you do that your competitors do.

Focus on the special difference you can make in your prospect’s life and watch your sales results improve.