How To Use Questions To Close More Sales Inquiries

Many business owners and salespeople fail to use one of the most powerful sales strategies available to them.

They simply don’t leverage the selling power of asking questions.

Asking questions delivers two key benefits: First, it allows you to find out more about what your prospect wants. And second, it gives you something you must have if you’re going to lead your prospect through your selling process – CONTROL.

And when I say control, I don’t mean it in a manipulative way. Selling is all about arriving at an outcome where both you and your prospect benefit.

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3 Ways to Close More Sales By Selling YOU

Although the benefits offered by your product or service are ultimately what your prospects will exchange money for, there is a not-so-obvious silent sale you must make first.

Your prospects won’t mention it to you but trust me, they are focused on this as much, or more, than your product or service.

Give them what they want and you’re halfway to making a sale.

Ignore it and chances are your prospect will be buying from your competitor.

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