5 Proven Ways To Get Past The ‘I Need to Think About It’ Objection

Betcha never heard a prospect say this before: “Ok sounds great, I just need to think about it.” (LOL)

If you’re like many business owners and salespeople, when a prospect says this, it could signal the end of a selling opportunity.

UNLESS you know how to handle it.

The first thing to understand is that 90% of the time, your prospect doesn’t REALLY have to “think about it.”

Often, it’s simply a smokescreen.

Today’s article identifies why prospects do this and lays out 5 proven ways you can effectively address the ‘I’d like think it over’ objection.

4 Strategies That Will Stop Price Objections Cold

Prospects are going to always have concerns and objections when you engage them in a selling conversation.

And it’s your job to make sure you can handle those objections when they arise so you can keep your prospect moving toward a sale.

But is there one objection that’s probably more trouble than all the others?

The answer is YES! And here’s the best part. When approached correctly, it shouldn’t ever be an objection at all.

Read on to find on what it is and how you can eliminate as an obstacle between you and closing the sale.