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5 Ways to “Think” Yourself Into Closing More Sales - Invisible Selling

Napoleon Hill wrote a popular book you may have heard of called “Think & Grow Rich”.

The main message in book centers around using your mind to increase your wealth.

Well, you can use the same powerful tool to create phenomenal selling success.

By leveraging the power of your mind, you can increase sales revenue and reach your sales goals more frequently.

Here are some powerful psychological strategies you can start using today:

Strategy #1 – Rethink Your Financial Mindset

The facts are indisputable. How you view and react to money will determine if you continue to stay on the “making ends meet” treadmill to nowhere or you create an abundant life.

This is particularly true in sales where self-image and your perception of money directly impacts how much you continue to earn as a salesperson.

This is commonly referred to as your financial thermostat. Set it too low and you’ll continue to generate a low income.

But resetting your financial thermostat will help you adjust your sense of self-worth and the value of your product or service.

When you reprogram your thinking, it allows you to shake off the negativity standing between you and your dreams. The only way you can break the negative financial thermometer forever is to change the way you see yourself.

Strategy #2 – Excel At Hearing No

You may have heard this before: As a salesperson, most of the time, you are not going to seal the deal.

But top salespeople THRIVE on knowing they have an outside chance of closing the sales.

They’ve learned to like hearing no. Why? Because every no brings them one step closer to a yes.

What sets the sales superstars apart from “the pack” is the simple fact that they place value on the sales process. They don’t get down when they face rejection, they use it as motivation.

Strategy #3 – Invest in Yourself

All selling superstars have this in common: their willingness and determination to invest in themselves.

They are constantly searching for ways to improve and hone their skills, mindset, and sales philosophy.

Is there is a perfect time to start investing in yourself and your future value? Yes. Now! Don’t wait for your company or anyone else to make it happen.

It’s never too late to take the first step in improving yourself and your circumstances.

Make self-development your #1 priority and know that every step you take towards this important objective is a step closer to achieving your goals.

Strategy #4 – Serve Hot Not Cold

Think YOU hate the thought of making cold calls? Well, your prospects like them even less.

Imagine if you never had to make another cold call again?

Well, you don’t. Social media, internet based directories, business intelligence software and plenty of other tools have transformed the selling profession.

Even if you’ve never met the prospect you are about to call on, with a few shifts in thinking, you can approach that call with the knowledge behind it about who they are and what their need is.

And when you do come into contact, it’ll be just like talking to your neighbour at a backyard barbecue.

It goes without saying that you have to plan and prepare for each and every call.

So why not just make sure to incorporate search engines and social media into your research?

Today, by investing a little time, you can learn everything you can about your prospects and identify the solutions you can offer them.

And you can tap into another powerful psychological tool.

By demonstrating you’ve done your homework, you will show that you care about their success and how you can play a role in helping them achieve it.

Strategy #5 – Get Emotional

One of the most impactful selling strategies you can start using today is to let your emotions show.

Show that you’re passionate about your service or product.

If YOU don’t truly and genuinely believe in what you are selling, then why should your prospects? BTW, you can’t fake passion. It has to be part of you.

When you passionately believe in what you are selling, prospects will too.

Bottom line: it’s your belief in your product or service that prospects buy.

Your belief triggers emotions in your customers. People rarely make a buying decision using logic alone.

It’s often the emotional triggers you evoke that drive your sales productivity.

By making powerful shifts in your thinking, you can set yourself up for continued sales success.

Actively utilize the power of the human psyche to change how you view yourself and your financial situation so you can reach levels of sales success that you have only dreamed of.

Remember, it is much easier for a customer to believe and trust in you if YOU believe and trust in yourself and your product.