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3 Subtle Selling Secrets That Work Like Crazy - Invisible Selling

3 Subtle Selling Secrets That Work Like Crazy

Later on in this post, I’ve included a link to an article I wrote that highlights the importance of being human in your selling process. You can read it now or check it out when you finish reading the post.

Alright, here we go…

One of the cornerstones of successful selling is having a product or service you believe in along with the commitment to get it into the hands of someone who will benefit.

After all, selling is all about building mutually beneficial relationships.

The more someone trusts you, the more they will open up and share their pain points and needs with you.

Only then are you in a position to determine if your product or service you’re selling is a good fit.

Too often, salespeople overlook the simple – but effective – things that can help them make more sales.

Here are 3 subtle selling secrets that have probably been more responsible than anything else for boosting sales results.

Secret #1: Tap into your prospect’s emotions

Many salespeople try to make a sale based on logic only.

Sometimes it works. But more often, it doesn’t.

The reason? All you have to do is think the experience a buyer undergoes when shopping for a new car.

When buying an automobile, all the logical reasons for making a buying decision take a backseat (pun intended) to what the buyer is really looking for to spark the buying process.

She is looking for that transformational moment – that point in time where she can actually “see” herself in the car showing it off to the world.

People buy using emotion first and then back up the emotional decision using logic.

The next time you’re in a selling conversation, focus on helping your prospect “see” how her life will change when she owns your offering.

It’s the emotion that sparks your prospect’s buying process and puts your selling process in high gear.

Secret #2: Let your prospect buy

If you’ve ever had the experience of coming into contact with a professional salesperson, you probably remember it – in a positive way.

In fact, it’s quite possible you didn’t feel like the salesperson was selling you something at all.

Why? Because he understood the importance of letting you “buy”.

None of us like to be sold. But we LOVE to buy. We’ve all been set upon by salespeople who are simply interested in making a quick sale.

When that happens, not only do you feel pressure but you also put up your sales resistance force field because you’re worried about making the right buying decision.

Give your prospects some control and you’ll find more of them will be quite willing to buy.

Secret #3: Focus on“Know, Like & Trust”

In most successful selling situations, it’s important that you and your prospect “connect.”

Think about it. You like to do business with people you like and trust, right?

Your prospect feels the same way. A simple, powerful exercise for increasing your “likeability and trust” factor is to start the relationship by demonstrating you’re committed to making sure the prospect wins.

How do you do it? By finding ways to deliver value – BEFORE you ever try to sell them something. This approach allows you to lower the “sales” barrier while getting to know the person you’d like to do business with.

This will increase your likeability factor and start transforming the relationship from “seller” to an interested party.

To learn more about injecting the power of a human connection into your selling efforts, click here to read a post I wrote a while back titled “Hello From The HUMAN Side.” It’s especially relevant today when buyers are looking for a human connection.