3 Reasons B2B Prospects Decide to “Do Nothing”

OK. You’ve done everything right.

Your prospect is a great fit for your product or service. You have a meeting with the decision maker. You show your prospect how you can change his life.

And then…your prospect decides to do nothing.

What could possibly have resulted in this outcome where nobody wins?

What caused your prospect to rein in?

Usually the reason can be traced to one of three factors.

To learn what can cause your selling opportunity to come to a complete stop, read today’s post.

Is Staying In Your Marketing Bubble Costing You A Fortune?

Is your bottom line stuck in the marketing mud?

Maybe your marketing efforts aren’t delivering the results you want but you’re not quite sure what to do?

Well, the key is to do SOMETHING about it. But not the SAME thing.

Time to try something different and chances are, if it’s going to make a difference, it could take you out of your comfort zone.

Today’s post delivers 8 ways to profitably break out of your marketing comfort zone now.

How To Use Questions To Close More Sales Inquiries

Many business owners and salespeople fail to use one of the most powerful sales strategies available to them.

They simply don’t leverage the selling power of asking questions.

Asking questions delivers two key benefits: First, it allows you to find out more about what your prospect wants. And second, it gives you something you must have if you’re going to lead your prospect through your selling process – CONTROL.

And when I say control, I don’t mean it in a manipulative way. Selling is all about arriving at an outcome where both you and your prospect benefit.

To learn more about how you can learn to question your way to selling success, read today’s post.

Copywriting: How To Write Sales Copy

I hear this all the time: ‘I’m not great at writing copy.’

Well, here’s the good news: You don’t have to be great. You just have to be GOOD.

To create web copy, sales letters and emails that persuade prospects to take the next step your selling process, you simply have to understand that selling is selling.

Whether you’re in a face-to-face situation or online.

Just employ the same classic selling principles you use when you’re talk-ing to prospects one-on-one.

Today’s post explains how.

3 Tips For Converting Sales Inquiries Into Sales

If there’s one consistent selling situation where business owners struggle it is when they get a telephone sales inquiry.

This GOLDEN opportunity is often mishandled resulting more often than not in a missed sale.

Here’s the problem:

Many business owners simply aren’t prepared mentally when this unique selling opportunity presents itself.

Today’s article gives you 3 tips you can immediately use to increase your sales inquiry close rate.